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Airestrike business hours: 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

The following prices are applicable per A/C system

Price without maintenance contract.

Diagnostic Fee: $75.00

If work is granted the diagnostic fee will be waived

After hours $90.00 diagnostic fee is applicable

One time maintenance:$65.00

Price with contract.

Annual maintenance plan:$135.00

No Diagnostic fee

After hours $75.00 diagnostic fee is applicable

Save 15% off on parts and repair

Each inspection will include:

♦Clean or replace standard filter.

♦Treat, flush and vacuum clean drain line, where applicable.

♦Check all electrical connection.

♦Check thermostat in cooling and heating stages.

♦Check indoor and outdoor coils.

♦Check freon level to insure maximum cooling and heating efficiency.

♦Lubricate all moving parts where necessary.

♦Educate custumer on how to properly use equipment.

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